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Various Artists

The Vinyl Revival
Gatefold album and Film

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Release Date: 12/04/2019

Discs: 1

"This is a compilation album featuring awesome tracks from some of Distillers amazing artists. It also contains the HD download of Pip Piper's latest documentary, The Vinyl Revival, follow up to acclaimed 2013 film Last Shop Standing. The Vinyl Revival was the official documentary of RSD 2019. Both films were in collaboration with Graham Jones author of both books the films were inspired by...
The Vinyl Revival explores the current vinyl renaissance and engages with artists/music industry pundits and new and established record shop owners. Notable contributors include Jen Otter Bikerdike ( Why Vinyl Matters), Nick Mason ( Pink Floyd), Philip Selway ( Radiohead), Ade Utley ( Portishead) and Megan Page ( Record Store Day ). The film shows Distiller's most recent signing, Cassia, recording their debut album at The Distillery studios.
The album includes both the film download and music download.”

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"1) Anteros - Wrong Side
2) Cassia - Small Spaces
3) Bloody Knees - Spinning
4) The Ninth Wave - Used to Be Yours
5) The Ramona Flowers - If You Remember (Luxxury Remix)

1) Cassia - 100 Times Over
2) Anteros - Fool Moon
3) The Ninth Wave - Reformation (Alt Mix)
4) The Ramona Flowers - Strangers
5) Danny Goffey - Buzzkiller
6) Holy Oysters - Take Me For a Ride"